What is a Hypnotherapist?

Hypnotherapists help people with mental health concerns, addictions, relationship issues, habits, anxiety and depression, and eating, much like a counsellor might, except a Hypnotherapist has the advantage of being able to use a very powerful tool to assist people to make the changes they seek to make. Clinical Hypnotherapy allows both the therapist and client to ‘look into’ one’s subconscious mind in order to see what actually needs to change in order to get the desired changes in behaviour, thoughts, and feelings in day to day living.

Sometimes, people struggle for years with their behaviour, thoughts and feelings. They might try all of the standard approaches, and might even have seen other mental health practitioners. However, with Clinical hypnotherapy, they find they can make the changes they need to make, despite past failures. More often than not, people can be quite pleasantly surprised at how Clinical hypnotherapy has changed their life for the better forever.

Who is Jeremy Barbouttis?

Jeremy Barbouttis is a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapy Supervisor andClinical Counsellor. He holds university qualifications accredited under the Australian Higher Education Act that are of the highest standard in clinical hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy, ensuring the most effective and efficient approach is used to help you overcome whatever issues one might have.

What is Jeremy Barbouttis’s expertise?

Jeremy Barbouttis provides clinical hypnotherapy and counselling of the highest standard, offering solutions that help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Blushing
  • Confusion with Sexuality
  • Children’s Fears and Anxieties
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Fear of Flying
  • Hypnotherapy and Alcoholism
  • Nail-biting
  • Phobias
  • Public Speaking Anxiety
  • Sexual Fetishes
  • Hypnontherapy for Sexual Issues
  • Stopping Smoking Hypnotherapy
  • Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

How can Jeremy use his expertise with Hypnotherapy and Counselling to assist you?

In the first session, Jeremy will assist you to begin to take a deeper look into the concerns that you have. If it is an addiction, he will help you discover what might be driving the addiction. If it is an emotional problem, again, he will be able to assist you to become more aware of what underlies it. When it comes to Clinical Hypnotherapy, you will then have a head start, because one of the greatest benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy is getting to the underlying concern and being able to let it go.

As Jeremy is also a skilled counsellor and psychotherapist, he will again be able to assist you in a structured and competent way to resolve your issue(s) using other interventions that either compliment, or are more appropriate than Clinical Hypnotherapy as you work your way to a resolution.

Most people either cease their addictions and habits in the first session (followed by support sessions), or with emotional concerns, feel better, particularly once they find they have discovered a means to resolve their emotional concerns, worries and anxieties.

What kind of environment does Jeremy Barbouttis offer?

Right from the moment you make the phone call, or send off the message to make the appointment, Jeremy aims to provide a safe, empathic and confidential environment and acknowledges the importance and trust his clients place in him. Jeremy wants to help you, and derives a great deal of satisfaction from helping you achieve any therapeutic goals and overcome any personal concerns you might have. The professional, yet warm and friendly atmosphere he provides is aimed at helping you to relax and derive as much as you can from the time you spend with him.

Jeremy also acknowledges that in most cases it is a big step coming along to a therapist like Jeremy. So, his goal is to help you feel safe, familiar with the room and ready to begin. Jeremy is very respectful of what it is you wish out of your sessions with him.

What are Jeremy Barbouttis’s accreditations?

Australian Hypnotherapists Association – Clinical Member and Clinical Supervisor

Australia Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists – Registered Professional Member and Clinical Supervisor

National Hypnotherapy Register of Australia – Clinical Hypnotherapist, Virtual Band Hypnotherapist & Sex Therapist

Hypnotherapy Council of Australia – Member

Australian National Hypnotherapy Register – ASCH & AHA

Australian Society of Sex Educators, Researchers and Therapists – Professional Member – Sex Therapist & Relationship Counsellor

The Australian Hypnotherapists Association is a member association of PACFA (Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia).

Jeremy Barbouttis is bound by these associations’ Codes of Ethics, education and insurance requirements.


What are Jeremy Barbouttis’s qualifications?

Master of Arts (UTS)

Master of Health Science (USyd)

Graduate Diploma in Emotionally Focused Therapy (IEFT)

Diploma of Teaching (MIHE)

Diploma of Hypnotherapy & Counselling (AAH)

Diploma of Ego State Therapy (Dr. Gordon Emmerson PhD)

Certificate IV in Clinical Hypnotherapy (AAH)

NLP Practitioner

Certified Clinical Supervisor (AHA & ASCH)

What is Musashi protein?

Musashi Protein

Musashi is premium sports nutrition. This Australian brand is incorporated into the Vitaco companies and manufactures health products that are top of the line including Musashi protein. They supply high quality, natural health products all over the world. Vitaco is backed by more than 100 years in experience in natural health and has a portfolio encompassing healthy beverages and foods, dietary supplements and proper nutrition for sports.

Image for Musashi P High Whey Protein Powder Vanilla - 900g from Amcal

Originally established on 1987, Musashi gets their name from Miyamoto Musashi. He was a rather famous Japanese swordsman and philosopher. Musashi was launched with five blends of amino acids based on an ancient understanding of Chinese elements. Musashi has worked with athletes of the highest profile from Australia for 28 years. Their commitment is to push all the boundaries regarding nutrition in sports. Their expanding product line now includes Musashi protein, drinks, bars and protein powders. Their amino acid formulas are designed to aid in the performance of athletes. Individuals all over the globe has benefited form their formulas and Amcal Cookies Cream Bars.

For anyone who wants to increase their metabolism in order to burn off excess fat Musashi protein is the answer. When you correctly use exercise and diet combined with Musashi protein you are able to both lose weight and see the desired increase in your metabolism. Musashi blends an incredibly powerful combination of active ingredients to ensure your body has the minerals and essential nutrients you need.

Image for Musashi BULK Mass Gain Protein Powder Banana Milkshake - 2.28kg from Amcal

Musashi Mint Protein at Amcal contains 20g of protein. This aids in triggering the development of lean muscle growth while you are resistance training. During your post exercise recovery Musashi helps your muscles tissues repair themselves. Garcinia extract is also packed into the formula because it has been shown it has a high association with losing weight. Theobroma cocoa is used since it is quite rich in antioxidants.

Musashi protein does not use any ingredients that are not necessary. The only ingredients used are incredibly important essentials and active ingredients that have been scientifically supported. The benefits your body receives from this formula will give you the ability to achieve the level of fitness you desire. You can have muscle strength and weight loss with the use of this product.

Musashi packs all of their products with protein and great taste. They were made for active lifestyles and developing your muscles. Healthy eating and a balanced and healthy diet combined with Musashi protein will give you an entirely new outlook and fitness level.

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Musashi Protein Powder helps lose weight

Losing Weight While Getting Ripped with Musashi Protein Powder

Whether you’re a woman or a man looking to lose weight, one of your main concerns is probably looking flabby after dropping massive poundage. When you lose a lot of weight and don’t do enough to build muscle, you will notice that you have a lot of unsightly flab that does nothing to help show off your new figure. In order to lose weight and get ripped, you need a quality product like Musashi Protein Powder. Musashi Protein Powder has been specifically formulated to help users drop weight while providing them with the necessary protein to rebuild and maintain healthy muscle mass.

Image for Musashi Mini Tiramisu Bar - 30g from Amcal

The best thing about Musashi Protein Powder is its effects on the body. If you use the Musashi Protein Powder as a meal replacement, you’re able to keep your caloric intake low and you’ll feel fully satisfied despite the fact that you’ve skipped a meal. Also, the protein shake provides you all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins that makes it healthful for you to consume one or more drinks a day. The delicious flavor of the Musashi Cookies Cream Bar at Amcal makes it a great addition in just about any diet. From creamy vanilla to decadent chocolate powders, there’s a flavor for just about anyone looking to change their lives and transform their bodies.

If you’ve been trying to diet unsuccessfully for years, one of the problems could be craving control. No sooner do you eat a meal, you’re already looking for a snack and something else to eat. Your issue might not necessarily be that you have no self-control around food but that you’re not getting enough protein in your diet. Musashi Protein Powder provides 25 grams or more of pure protein to combat those hunger pangs. With the range of products available through the Musashi company, you can find something that fits your specific fitness goals and needs.

Image for Musashi P30 Creamy Vanilla - 375mL from Amcal

Along with keeping you fuller longer, Amcal Mint Protein Powder provides your body the ability to get lean and beautiful muscles while you’re losing weight. This encourages your body to burn fat easily and hold onto muscle to prevent yourself from looking flabby after losing so much weight. All Musashi Protein Powder products have instructions and guidelines on the back of their labels so that you know exactly how to incorporate the shakes into your busy lifestyle. Most powders can be mixed with either water or your choice of milk for a delectable beverage that you will actually look forward to drinking each day. The price of the powders is reasonable when compared to some other options on the market.

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Breast Pumps are the best

Why Electric Breast Pumps Are The Best

If you are a new mother or are expecting your little one soon, a breast pump in a necessity on your list. If you have tried searching for one, it’s likely that you have been bombarded with many different breast pumps. It can be hard trying to decide which one is right for you.

Today we are going to share with you why your decision should be an electronic breast pump. These hold many advantages over their manual counterparts.

Benefits Of Electronic Breast Pumps 

Electronic breast pumps are an easy option to relieve engorgement of the breasts when your little one is not ready for feeding. These also work to stimulate the lactation cycle of the breasts for mothers who are having issues with a low milk supply. As opposed to manual breast pumps, these take all the manual work away from the mother.

Things To Consider When Purchasing 

Now that you understand why electronic breast pumps are the best buying decision for your newborn, let’s discuss the components you should be looking for in your new pump.

First, the convenience of use is key to any good pump. You want to ensure it assembles very easily and is fairly simple to clean. Some pumps will come with an array of compartments that will require you to clean multiple pieces each time. This can be annoying to disassemble and clean every time you need to pump.

Second, you want to make sure the breast shield of the pump fits you snuggly. Some of these will come with soft unique cups that will provide more of a real feel as if from your newborn. However, others can fit too loosely and make draining all your milk extremely frustrating.

Third, make sure it is portable. Electric breast pumps that can be toted around in a transportation bag is ideal. Opting for rechargeable batteries over a plug-in setup will allow you the portability to pump whenever and wherever you need. Choosing transport bags that allow for spare battery packs and removable cooler packs is a good idea.

Fourth, ensure your pump has different settings. Many electronic breast pumps allow for multiple speeds and strengths. These varying adjustments can help ensure your pumping experience is successful and not painful. One thing to consider is opting for Avent Breast Pump at Amcal that have buttons close to the breasts. This will allow you to easily make adjustments without having to move the entire pump.

Image for Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Breast Pump from Amcal

Fifth, pay attention to the motor noise. Some pumps are extremely loud and can make your pumping environment tense. Many electronic Amcal Breast Pumps are manufactured with a quiet motor. This allows for a more relaxing environment while pumping. In addition, mothers have the added convenience of pumping anywhere with discretion.

Sixth, there are single and double electronic breast pumps. A double works simultaneously on both breasts to provide the quickest pumping experience. Single pumps will take a bit longer but may be ideal for some women.

By taking these six things into account, you will be on the right path to choosing the best electronic breast pump for you.

Image for Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump from Amcal

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